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Daily Booth Rent

Daily Booth Rent allows your to drop-in at Lusso Salon and make our space a temporary solution for your business! Daily Booth Rent is $65 per day allowing hours from 10AM-7PM Tuesday-Friday and 8AM-3PM on Saturdays. Daily Booth rent includes everything you need to service your clients for a day: station, storage cabinet next to station for the day, chair, use of shared shampoo bowls, towels and Wifi. Renter must provide all of their own tools and products which must be removed from the salon at the conclusion of the rental day. 


 Renters must abide by Lusso Salon's General Conduct Rules and Policies as well as Dress Code:

General Conduct
Utilize positive customer service etiquette with all clients 
Do not use products or property of others without permission
No music or television selections with explicit content or profanity 
Profanity in conversation aloud is not permitted
No drugs or alcohol are permitted in the salon to include odor
Cleanliness must be maintained to include anti-trip and slip hazard behaviors

Dress Code
Overall dress code at Lusso Salon is trendy casual to include jeans and functional athleisure wear. Please adhere to the following guidelines at all times on the salon floor: 
• Footwear should be comfortable for standing/walking and allow for safe working conditions. Avoid flat flip flops and consider shoes with proper support. 
• Full shirts must be worn. No exposed stomach, midriff or lower back. 
• Biker shorts or leggings cannot be worn without a long shirt to provide modest coverage of undergarments. 
• No yoga pants or casual sweatpants are permitted. 
• Bra must be worn with the intent and purpose to cover nipples. 
• No undergarments should be exposed at any time. 
• Clothing should be free from offensive writing or sayings. 
• Individual branded paraphernalia is permitted. 
• Shorts or skirts must be mid-thigh or longer. 
• Tops should allow modest coverage to cleavage. 
• Overall appearance and odor should be professional and a reflection of the Lusso Salon Brand. 


Questions before booking? Feel free to contact us via email or phone!

(757) 354-3063

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