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Lusso Salon Scholarship Fund

Did you know the national average cost of Cosmetology School is about $15,000? Many reputable Cosmetology Schools are not eligible for government aid programs that extend tuition assistance and financial aid to students leaving education costs to be an out-of-pocket expense. 

Lusso Salon has made a commitment to assist in ending the cyclical disadvantages caused by aspiring cosmetologists being unable to receive formal training and education by starting the Lusso Salon Scholarship Fund. Help us to reach our $15,000 goal with your donation!

Our Committment

"This lies near and dear to my heart. I have interviewed countless talented stylists who are unlicensed with the same story of needing to leave Cosmetology School as result of inability to pay tuition costs. I even learned many stylists' defaulted payments to Cosmetology Schools of their choice have resulted in collections accounts that are impacting their financial success. My goal is to make a difference, even if it is only for one aspiring cosmetologist at a time, by giving them an opportunity to obtain formal education and employment upon completion. My commitment is that 100% of proceeds collected to this cause will aid in sending an aspiring cosmetologist to school."

Morgan Chavis 

Owner of Lusso Salon

How to Apply

Applications will open upon nearing the collection goal.